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The archives now open for the first time to provide a wealth of new information about the achievement of the RBNA itself; also the development of nursing as a profession. They throw fresh light too on the inside stories behind public events.
In the early days many of the issues to do with nurses and nursing were so contentious and deeply felt that inevitably the clash of personalities was often bitter. With the passage of time the details of such quarrels can now add to our understanding of past events and among the archives there are several groups of letters which Mrs Bedford-Fenwick kept specifically for their interest to posterity.
A wide range of subjects is covered in the archives. The RBNA's carefully preserved series of minute books dating from its foundation in 1887 are supplemented by its membership records, started the following year. These are a unique source for tracing details of the careers of all its members. There is a major series of general RBNA papers and correspondence which, for ease of access, is arranged chronologically, followed by separate groups of records from The British College of Nurses and the International Council of Nurses and a small group of papers relating to Mrs Bedford-Fenwick. The outstanding feature of the printed material in the collection is the periodicals: Nursing Record from 1902, British journal of Nursing 1888-1956, Nurses journal 18911918, International Nursing Review 1926-1939 and journal of the RBNA 1947-1963. There is also a large collection of illustrations and photographs, many of them donations.
As an organisation, the RBNA for many years enjoyed considerable stability H.R.H. Princess Christian remained its devoted First President until her death in 1923. Mrs Bedford-Fenwick, its Founder, remained in close touch with the RBNA until her death in 1947 and Isabel Macdonald was its redoubtable and gifted Secretary from 1909 almost up to her death in 1964. Thanks to this stability a large part of the RBNA archives has survived into the 1990's and can now be made available for research.

As of October 2002, the RBNA archives are housed at Kings's College, The Strand, London, WC2R 2LS.

Viewing the Archive

Researchers wishing to view the archive should contact the RBNA direct at the following address:

The Royal British Nurses' Association
The Princess Royal House
The Territorial Army Centre
London Road
Stonecot Hill

Telephone: 020 8335 3691

The RBNA wishes to thank the British Library for their financial support to help the restoration and cataloguing of the archives. The cataloguing was completed by Mr Richard Bowden M.A.

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